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Wanna Be Our BowlMate, Man?

A Bowlmate is someone who’s cool… Someone who “gets it“… Someone who likes a good joke, and doesn’t steal your lighter.
And we’ve got a club just for our Bowlmates, where we love giving away all kinds of cool stuff!

And it’s all 100% FREE For Life [No Charge – EVER!] 

So, what does a Bowlmate Get?


From Free Cruise Chews, to Cheech & Chong Gear, to live, in-person smoke sessions with US…

You can win it all at inside Bowlmates. 

All you gotta do is sign up and have fun. 


Bowlmates is the place for all our favorite people… including you (if you’re cool). So we’re there all the time, hanging out, chatting, answering your questions.

Come see us inside!


Get Bowlmates-exclusive discounts on EVERYTHING in the Cheech&Chong shop, just for chatting with your friends and hanging out with us. 

Doesn’t get much easier than that…


Bowlmates get EXCLUSIVE first-dibs on all our upcoming live events.

Shows, Festivals, Bowlmates-only hangouts and even live, in-person smoke sessions… And it’s all for Bowlmates first, before anyone else even knows about it!


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